Flight school

Flight School is Chapter Two in the Tiny Wings update. You get to pick one of four birds (Owell, Peli, Peck and Flami) to race with. The goal is to get first place, which rewards you with the biggest fish. Your mother (the original Tiny Wings bird) gives you the fish, which is either a red and yellow fish (biggest and first place), a blue and lighter blue fish (middle sized fish and second place), a purple and lavender fish (the smallest fish and third place), and a red and yellow shrimp (tiny and fourth/last place). So far, there are four island groups (Clown Islands , Koi Islands, Orca Islands and Tuna islands) that you can race on. The app also hints that new island groups are coming soon.

<Poll> What's your favorite bird?

Owell Peli Peck Flami

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